Dream Stalker

by Morgan

Dream Stalker


He Seeks with Visions pressing in,

Darkness Spiraling through the void;

Whispers of Unheard Dichotomy,

With Dreams so Delicately employed.

He Delves with Diligence Unleashed,

Insistent where fools may fear to tread;

As Shadows billow in the silver-lush light,

Trading Impetus for stealth instead.


He Merges with Yielding Starlit Sighs,

Grasping hold without a single Touch;

Voluptuous Night expanding before him

Like mist curling softly, Permeating much.


He Asks through Intractable, Silent tones,

Taking All he cares to Possess;

Stirring the Nighttide with Succulent auras,

Tempestuous fury in Alluring Aggress.






Beautiful Artwork found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  Thank You~


4 Comments to “Dream Stalker”

  1. This is like a vivid sci fi/fantasy piece. It’s unique & colorful.

  2. Great job Morgan. The alliteration makes the piece flow so well.

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