Two gulls and a fine morning

by Jem Croucher


Two gulls perched on beach huts
facing out to sea
and as I passed by on my bike
they turned to look at me
I bade them a ‘Good Morning’
and I’m pretty sure that they
said same in seagull language
as I hurried on my way

It was very quiet and peaceful
in the early morning light
The sky there tinged with yellow
and the sea a calming sight
On the beach down here in Sussex
I love it at this time
Especially on days like this
when the weather’s warm and fine

Photo – Jempics

6 Comments to “Two gulls and a fine morning”

  1. Jem… Great poem has inspired me….What do you call one sea gull?….One sea gull. What do you call ‘two sea gulls’?….Gullible. What do you call a flock of sea gulls?….A gull reunion and a pocket full of oysters and clams. What do you call a baby sea gull?… A chick

  2. What do your call “Two Sea Gulls lost on Vancouver Island?”….Two gulls without GPS for Sussex…Are your gulls in Sussex ferry chasers?

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