The Deepness of Tranquility

by Morgan



When in the Hush of twilight,

As the golden orb of shimmering light descends

And all the earth sits breathless,

Anticipation building in purest paradox;

As sound and silence mingle,

Tempting and taunting each other in the Stillness,

Close, then, the eyes that seek;

Perceive the Deepness of Tranquility.

As the rush and hurry all around

Pounds and drives, spins and screeches,

Drumming calamity into bone;

Throw off the shackles of terrestrial Being,

Sigh Deep and Long in Sweet Eventide’s Song

and Know the Deepness of Tranquility.

While thoughts spiral in dizzying notions

Delving the depths of Contemplation’s immense ocean

And perplexity flirts with Certainty;

Break the chains that bind your Spirit,

Listen to Serenity;

Be Still and Hear it!

And as the world goes rushing by

Your Dreams will take flight

To Shimmer and Fly.

Amid the Deep Sweet Song of Burgeoning Life

Taste the Deepness of Tranquility

And Release your strife!






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You~


7 Comments to “The Deepness of Tranquility”

  1. “Sigh Deep and Long in Sweet Eventide’s Song” — what a wonderful line and beautiful sentiment in this poem. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and am happy to follow your blog from now on! 🙂

  2. Tranquility’s a wondrous thing – particularly as it can be found almost anywhere. The beach usually does it for me though! Great wordsmithery as usual!

    • I so appreciate it Jem 🙂 yes I can see how attached you are to the ocean/beach. I imagine you live nearby? I should feel the same, but the ocean is at least 3 hours away for me, so I have had to learn to content myself with leafy green seas 😉

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