Washing Machine Blues

by William

Take a spoon of Ray Charles

Mix a scoop of James Brown

Add a dash of Muddy Waters

And what have you got?

The washing machine blues


There’s that Wolf, Howling at the moon

There’s BB acting just like the King

Janis Joplin will be along pretty soon

Washing machine blues; such a crazy thing


Is that Buddy or some other Guy

Welcome John Lee, Hooker and all

There’s Wilson Pickett; trying to get into the thick of it

Win or lose, it’s always the washing machine blues


Let’s be Marvin Gaye and get it on

Sexual healing that’s his song

Jimi Hendrix, we didn’t leave you out

It’s just there’s no Purple Haze about


Hey Blues Brothers, one and all

Place the washing machine against the wall

Let it rock but don’t let it fall

Come on baby, let’s have a ball


The washing cycle is coming to the end

The blues makers are keen not to offend

But there’s another house, high up on the hill

And that washing machine is just beginning to fill


2 Comments to “Washing Machine Blues”

  1. Well done, William!
    Deep in my music Soul
    Listening to the Blues
    Is a worthwhile goal…

    Blues Festival in Victoria, B C September long weekend

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