Stairs & Visions

by Renwick Berchild

gondolas on
the sea, we rock,
are swept, into the
roll and run and ring of


We are unsure of what can and cannot be;
we place our wishes down and wait.
We are indifferent to the lack,
as long as we are sure
of what awaits.

hearts, in flux
and retreat; I lie
awake, send hopes
like flamed sparks into the


I have visions of stairs. I rise and fall
by my own feet, my destiny

always just around the next bend.
We part and meet, part and
shrink, grow long and
high as smoke.

My arms lengthen into boughs,
my toes dig, and take root.
These unnoticed happenings

are changing

thresholds move
backward, forward, into
our outstretched palms; we open
like flowers in the final hour before the

great green dawn.

Dark fruits

are the makings of
this struggle.

I lay asleep and am lost upon the shifting and breaking stairs.

2 Comments to “Stairs & Visions”

  1. Beautiful verse in a unique form 🙂

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