A mile in treads

by Colly


I walked a mile that no one knew

that no one knew that no one knew

I walked a mile that no one knew

except a few except a few.



I walked a mile Mother photographed well.

In palms and streams and dreamy sleep.

In gazing up where oaks left beams.

I walked a mile in wobbly knees.



I walked a mile in fast moving rivers.

Gorges, ravines, and steep crevices.

Ne’er did I forget the message?

I’ve learned well in raging waters.



I walked a mile in open meadows.

Where I met a cute, young fellow.

Ne’er did I will to walk away.

But is our road often chosen?

6 Comments to “A mile in treads”

  1. LIfe is but a Distance

    I believe it was Einstein
    Who said ” e=mc squared”

    What was he talking about?
    Was it energy?
    Was it matter?
    “c” is supposed to be the speed of light
    How far can it go?

    But the hidden quotient is “Life”
    Albert has left out “Light”
    I wonder why?
    Does anybody know?

    Perhaps his “Theory of Everything”
    Has some holes
    Some can be black
    Some can be white

    A mile is but a measurement
    But deep thoughts
    Will bring out the light

    I suspect we got the meat of Einsteins’ formulae
    Time to served the potatoes
    I wonder where we all will be

    As we walk that discovery mile
    Garnishing all we can
    Remember Einstein was but a mortal man

    Einstein translated from German means “One Rock”
    Caught in this rock and a high place
    I look back to where I’ve been
    And carry-on with my journey
    And record all I have seen

    dewey decimo

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts in poetic form, Russ. I particularly like the part about the light. But does it not diminish in times of sorrow? Blessing’s on your day !

      • Sorrow
        Sorrow comes to all of us
        It helps us become strong and grow
        Have no fear about the tears
        Remember the good times
        They are seeds that help you sow

        Take all the memories that you have
        Put them in a special bowl
        Pull them out when you need them
        Cherish them like gold

        dewey decimo

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