Walk On By

by William

We met at high school; a lifetime ago

We fell in love but were taking it kind of slow

I often spent the night at your home

Your father was on duty those nights to ensure

That I slept on the couch and his daughter next door


We went to universities in different cities

I remember phoning you one day to confess

That I had met someone new

You took it badly; you were in a mess


We both shed some tears

And continued with our lives

We had lost contact since those days

But then, I think I saw you in the park yesterday


You were playing with your grandkids on the swings

You looked up and saw me looking at you

You did not recognise this old geezer who gave you a nod

I wasn’t sure it was you; then you smiled


My heart just crumbled into a mess

Remembered that sparkle in your eyes, I do confess

I know your life must be so different today

I looked at you and thought “please let me stay”


My eyes are wet; so let me cry

I often think of you and how badly I said goodbye

It was my fault that our love went awry

So please just “walk on by”


2 Comments to “Walk On By”

  1. William.. it sounds so sad, but it may be all for the best, what are you doing now?

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