Love’s Passage

by Colly


Unexpectedly, as flowers in spring.

That unfold the day before…

My love is full.


And more still as night-fall comes,

soft, – a-blaze…

a wind’s brush, a rush…

A tear glides across the sky –

Water canvas sunset eyes…

stream – gleam

for you alone…


My sunrise muse.

My life, my wings.

My heart does sing.


I wish to have thy presence near.

I love you dear.

I love you more…

with each passing day it seems.


Please accept this wedding ring!


2 Comments to “Love’s Passage”

  1. Very good Colly… let me leave you with this

    Sittin” on a Log at the Beach

    I ponder the definition of love
    More about how it feels
    Surrounded by romantic thoughts
    A scar that never heals

    Then, she suddenly appears
    From the waters and the sand
    I go forward and request
    She take my hand

    Happily a successful encounter
    So easy to fall in Love
    It’s all about being a good listener
    And taking your guidance
    From above

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