Lavender Trilogy

by Harry

Submitted by Russ McDowell

Lavender Trilogy… I went to the Lavender Festival in Sequim, Washington on July 15,2016. I write poems to relax and these entries resulted from that excursion. The poems are for the two tour guides and a Lavender Farm Owner, who helped us in distress.


Rochelle, Rochelle
We met a tour guide on a Lavender trip
Rochelle was her name
She kept us on the straight and narrow
Tried to keep us reasonably sane

She went above the call of her duties
For two lost Lavendees
We thank her for her patience
And her expertees

A Lady that forever smiles
A welcome generous and full
Methodical and caring
And that’s not a lot of bull

We are planning an excursion
To the Okanagan
To see Ginseng and Trout Farms
We will look to Rochelle for guidance
She will do the Guests no harm.


Dere is a leprechaun named Lucky
Guiding lavender tourists
Is his current goal and game

To me, he is like a shepherd
Guiding lost lavender sheep
Without his able direction
We’d be lost in a Rip Van Winkle sleep

Dere is one thing I wonder
He’s the tallest leprechaun I’ve seen
I had to pinch myself a couple of times
To remember where I’ve been

I attribute it to Darwin
“The Origin of Species” he said
Lucky was born on Galapagos
He had to be tall to reach the fruit trees
To get his daily bread

We wish him well in his studies
Nose to the grindstone
Dive into those books
We’d like to see him on Halloween
Just to see how he looks.

Gaylee, a Lavender farm owner


Dere is a Queen of Lavender
Down in Sequim resides She
A model of generosity
A pleasant Lady she be

Her name is Gaylee
A name that congers
Many charms

Best described as a Samaritan
I reckon we will
Meet her again
And return the favour
So helpful to Donna and me.

Note to reader: I also enclosed an excerpt from the Bible Luke 10(vs 30-37) describing a Samaritan

Please feel free to edit or criticize



One Comment to “Lavender Trilogy”

  1. Mmmmm! Lavender! – the stuff dreams are made of. I too visited a Lavender farm here in Blighty last weekend. It was a place called Heaven!

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