Little fish, swim

by Colly

beach and a boy



Do you see any fish?

Swish – Swish

in the water.


Oh, look! I see an otter.

His skin is black and shiny.

He has large dark eyes.


My My


Keep looking.


Oh, look! I see a whale.

He swims in the blue sea.

His spout sprays.

Water goes UP.


Swish – Swish


What else do you see?

I see my family.

My brother and me.

On my head is a red hat.

My brother’s is fisherman’s green.

My mom applies sunscreen.

That protects our skin.


This beach has deep, soft sand.

Summer is such fun!

This brown sand

can sift through my hands


Swish – Swish


Still no tiny fish.

To see go

Swish – Swish

But at the sea shore

I find a seahorse.

And many sea-shells.

I hold one to my ear.

How can this be I hear the sea?!


Oh, my!


My My

My feet feel ticklly!

Little guppies swim over

my toes.


Swish – Swish


(clip-art photo)

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