The Single Sound

by Morgan

The Single Sounds


As evening shadows fade

And candles glimmer in Delicate glows,

Reflecting across Your skin,

Dancing in the depths of Your gaze,

And Shimmering through Your hair,

There is a Single Sound Pervading,

Soliloquy to the Night;


Beguiling me with mesmeric Charm,

As the starlight of the vast Trove of Heaven,

And the Silken mantle of Sweet Moonlight

Whisper Intoxication more Tempting than wine

And Sigh in Alluring Splendor,

There is a Single Sound Imbuing,

Concerto to the Midnight hours;


In Rapt Persuasion

The Single Sound Enthralling me;

Enticing me

Tantalizing me;

The Single Sound

Of Your most

Beguiling Voice.






Beautiful Original Photography by MarianneLoMonaco


6 Comments to “The Single Sound”

  1. Morgan I am always moved by your beautiful poems! Have a very lovely day!

  2. Somewhere between sensual and spiritual: that’s your realm, morgan morgan. And no one does it quite as well as you!

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