My Colorful World

by Colly


I have alligators in my soup.

One is pink and one is blue.

Add them up and it makes two.


One plus one equals two.


I have socks. One pair I have.

And these socks make me glad.

Because they have orange polka dots.

Many, many orange polka dots cover my yellow socks!


Yellow sun you are just one.

One of many things I see.

Like the deep – deep blue sea.

Or a cat that follows me.


This cat, Calico, is so stripy.

A stripy orange and black!

Now he follows me to the back.

The back yard is where I play.


On my slide I zoom DOWN fast.

But on my swing I fly UP high.

UP I go to touch the sky!

With my yellow and orange polka dot socks!


While I swing I spot my orange trampoline.

And a pool that’s round and cool.

It cools me down when I’m hot.

Because in summer my body sweats.


See this?!”

My pool has fish.”


One is red. And one is brown.

One is just a silly clown.

They can jump THROUGH round hoops.

Then swim past green reeds.

All the fish swim freely!


Summer is fun. I sweat in the sun.

And I run, run – run – run.

Will I run out of fun?

Sometimes I have to rest.

At quiet-times I color my best.


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