by William

There is this guy called Joe

He visits me after dark

He slips through the bars, ever so slow

Just like a walk in the park


Joe is my pal

He always wishes me well

He talks very fast

He loves to chat about the past


He always calms me down

He, sometimes, acts just like a clown

“Take time out” he often would say

“For tomorrow is another day”


Joe is like a light

He illuminates the night

He talks about the day

He never discusses the length of my stay


Twenty-Three hours every day

Inside this prison within a prison, I do stay

They say your mind is the first thing to go

Worries me because it’s getting kind of slow


“Solitary confinement” aptly describes my time

It certainly fits in well with the crime

Hey guard don’t tell me that “Joe does not exist”

Punched the guard, almost broke my wrist

Another five years just added to my list


One Comment to “Isolation”

  1. That was good personification and use of light over dark – day and night and a slight twist at the end was a shock to conclude with, but in keeping with the tone and environment.

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