Learning my colors !!!

by Colly


Fields in shades of purple are on display.

Dainty little buds glow in the sun light.

Some farmers plant these flowering plants.


Have you visited a lavender farm in spring or summer?


At home, a lavender potpourri bag adds scent to the air.

By hanging them on a door knob or anywhere with a small hook.

Maybe at the entrance nook.


These bags go in your cloth’s drawer too.


But a small, triangular shaped, lavender bag is to soothe.

While placed near your pillow at night.

Or covering your eyes and blocking out any light.


I like purple !


When it lights up the sky with fireworks.

Or pops over my mouth with bubblegum stickiness.

Sometimes I dress like a purple princess.

My brother, he’s the purple Statesman.

And under these purple play blankets I hide.

This tent will serve as my home for now.




Purple bubblegum. Purple blankets.

Purple bags.

Purple fields and lavender sunset sky.




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