Dead Man Walking

by William

This is a story about a man, not often told

A man who was so very bold

He died his death

Well after he took his final breath


They called him “dead man walking”

His weapon was firing into the rain

He was heading towards the enemy

Their bullets were smashing into him

Yet he showed no pain


His face was vacant; so very empty

His eyes could barely see

His bloodied mouth appeared to be smiling

As he advanced towards the enemy


The enemy were now a freaking mess

Their weapons appeared to be useless

No one could stop this “dead man walking”


The enemy deserted their posts

Turning and running away

Blood was seeping from his chest

Red was the new colour of his vest


That dead man suddenly stopped his walk

He looked down at his body and began to talk

‘Dear God, should I not be dead?”

Those were the last words he ever said


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