After a Wave Had Crashed

by K. T. Dibert

And the green leaves


And cascaded down

Like a picturesque

Waterfall of

Playful emotion;

Swaying back and forth,

Filling the void with

Contented sounds,

Which picked at me

Saying “play”

Showing me an

Orchestra of nature

The flow, rhythm, rhyme

Of the seasons

Howling and singing

All day long

With but one


Life is the music

We hear,

Yet we do not sing

It from our hearts,

But destroy it with our minds.


10 Comments to “After a Wave Had Crashed”

  1. great poem

  2. Kyle just checking and I found that your name has not been clickable so no-one can get to your blog.

  3. Good man that’s one of the why’s to get to your blog, later i’ll do another one.

  4. Harry! I am having the worst time with my wordpress account; I need some serious help. As you can see, in the comments it is still saying ‘wistful, bipolar poet’, which now I am ‘Bipolar Opposites’, and my name is not clickable after I post a poem even after doing what you told me to…

  5. What I see is ” Bipolar Opposites ” and ” Poetry of the Underground ” and they both take me to your blog, what did you make in personal settings.

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