Tongue twister

by Harry

Poetry challenge: Tongue twiste

Basil a blind bulldog
blatantly but boldly
barked and bit bystanders
bending backwards.
Brian the beggar bit back
biting Basil boldly, but
Belligerently, beggaring
the bad bulldog

“Bummer!” Bumbled Basil!
Broodily, Basil banged and
bashed his brown bowl of
biscuits baiting Brian –
Basil’s bone meal bounced
beautifully, beating Brian’s
bonce black and blue.

“Bollocks,” bandied Brian.

Basil and Brian, bashed, beaten
and bruised, bled bloodily.
Bodily bile brought to bear
bothered Basil, but Brian bashed,
beat and bullied, so Basil barked,
bit and battered Brian’s
Bubonic, beggar butt.

Beggar Brian bawled,
Basil the bad bulldog
bit the dust.

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