Selene sings an orphan to sleep (Child’s story)

by Dave

The moon pulls
the curtains wide,
no place to hide
on such a night.

When stars come out
and tell stories
of ancient heroes.
and mothers
etched into the sky.

A creation
of silver beams
and jelly beans,
a silhouette.
a suggestion
that calls to longing.
A princess
of an elfish race

in bright moon beams
A face, dark eyes
and a smile carved
on an inky sky,

Backdrop of winter
Orion and the plough,
the little bear,
much colder than the
one she holds.

A blanket
of moon cast
woven in threads
of dark and bright
will warm her
on an icy night.

Tucked in
at the edges
by shadow trees
that hum her lullabies.

The sky smiles
And the moon winks.
Blonde eyelashes
sink and curls incline
to her soft divan.

-Dave Kavanagh


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