A Game of Fate

by Harry

Submitted by pvspooja

Look how far we’ve come ;
Through times trying and triumphant some .
Summer is here again but cold and wet ;
Nothing like the summer we last met.
Those deep dark shadows of your mind are making you blind ;
The piece of heart I know , I am unable to find.
Any of these emotions , have you ever felt ?

The colder you become the more my heart melts.
I know I must leave , before I drown myself ;
But something about you makes me extend myself.
Walk away I cannot , but maybe I can walk back ;
And choose another path that doesn’t lack.
At the end of this moment , sad and bereft ;
You know you can come back , there is still some love left.
My heart maybe broken , but there is no hate ;
For now this is just a game of fate.

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