by Morgan

Torrent of Stillness


Like the Breathless Calm that rests it Gentle head upon the bosom of the sea

And Sighs in Quietness,

So too does my Spirit Pause,

To Breathe

To Listen

And to Renew

All it Shall Again Give o’er to You.


I shall be taking a holiday from All Social Media for a week, perhaps two, in order to rest, breathe deep, and refocus.  A Book of Poetry is in the works and, as ever, writing continues on Dark Fey: Breaking Into The Light, yet I find the heat and sun of summer exhausting and need time to Gather Inspiration once more.

Until then, My Dear Sweet Friends….

4 Comments to “Stillness”

  1. Blessings on your ‘sabbatical’: may the rest you require slip up behind you and enfold you in the arms of grace . . .

  2. Wait on your return, rest will do you good.

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