by lviswa

war roomFlickering lights in the plunging darkness

Damning shrieks against the resounding musicals

Sobs alternate with laughs in the overwhelming melodrama

Sudden eerie calm prevails followed by roaring shouts

Plates clanging,glasses breaking ,hands bleeding

Brandishing cutlery knives,held back by pulls


Dancing frenetics try and exit the room

Alas!       out in a different world!

Was it a conflicting WILD DREAM of you?

by lviswa.

One Comment to “WAR-ROOM”

  1. Could have been but I doubt it. Interesting though, I astral travelled and am sure I visited a future friend in a dream once when I was young. I’ve also had several dreams that have come true. I used to practice being self aware whilst dreaming, quite fun for a while but a little pointless, I found unless your into wet dreams.

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