Pondering over my footprints..

by Sandeep


Over the sand-dunes
That I walk upon,
My footprints are getting lost
Or, erased by the winds of time.

But, what is getting created,
Through me,
Isn’t just a footmark alone,
But, a phenomenon,
That is changing this macrocosm,
At every footstep,
Which not even time can erase.

In the scheme of things
Of this universe,
My footprints are nearly invisible,
But, I realize they aren’t absent.
They may be imperceptible,
But, they aren’t insignificant.

A grain of sand,
Entered a pearl-oyster,
At some unknown depth,
In the Persian gulf,

A spark of fire,
Touched a row of grass
In the inaccessible part,
Of the Amazon forest,

A drop of rain,
Fell on the surface,
At some remote location,
Of the Pacific ocean,

Each altered the destinies
Of their destination

Time erased them,
Their imprints,
But, what it could not erase
And cannot erase, is
The phenomenon,
That each was,
That each created.

And, existence
Hasn’t been the same,

(Picture from the web)

2 Comments to “Pondering over my footprints..”

  1. Marvelous, as Ever, Sandeep. To Over simplify – You/ WE Matter.

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