Just Another Christmas Story

by William

Dasher whispered “The fat guy’s not coming tonight, is he?”

Dancer danced a few steps and said

“Hey, we might get the night off”

Dasher looked into the night and then muttered

“Don’t think so”


Santa had appeared in the distance

He was always so jolly and cheerful

This really irritated Donner and Blixem

“Get a life, Chubby” Blixem whispered


“Hey Rudolph, you know what you can do

With that red nose of yours” Prancer shouted

Cupid looked so sadly at the other reindeer

“Can’t we just be happy for Santa’s sake?”


Vixen also seemed a little unhappy

She said “It’s all very well landing on roofs covered with snow,

But it’s us, the reindeer, taking our lives in our hands

Santa jumps down the chimney and gets all the glory”


Comet hasn’t said a word up until then

“Thank your lucky stars that we can fly

No other reindeer in the whole world

Can soar above the houses, ever so high”


The reindeer are really a happy bunch

But occasionally they don’t have that much for lunch

They are right; Santa does get all the glory

But without the reindeer, there would be no Christmas story


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