by Dave

lair by lair history exposed
in sand and shale,
clay and loam
and rock.

bands of memory
within the earth
and here,

in the dry riverbeds
of Playa San Inès
history is seen
first hand.
History of land
& history of man

The history and geology of land
peeled back
layer by layer, exposing
the vanities of the ages.

The geology of a man
is harder found,
covered by lies and foolery,

Each action,
each change recorded
in layers of skin and bone,
seen in the bleeding cells
red and white.
Or in the expanding iris
Of a blinking eye.

All of our days and nights
found in marrow, sinew
and joint.

Or is our history buried?
In the fibre of brain and chest
to be clawed and wrested free
only in death.
is it in that way
that we are much like
the dying land.

-Dave Kavanagh

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