Inseparable Uniqueness

by Morgan

Inseparable Uniqueness


In the Ever Shifting whirl of Time

Where Illusory Perception plays our senses

Like doubtful fire

Dancing in tempestuous writhing Guise

To Entangle our thoughts

With a restless conflagration;

That which stands Apart,

That which shapes Itself after Validity,

Unspoken or wholly Perceived,

Whispers Quietly to our Inmost Self,

Though often all that is outside,

The Noise and Chaos of Self and Self-seated Notions

Mutes and muffles the Sweet Voice

Whispering Quietly to Our Innermost Being,

Whispering Quietly of Peace and Calm,

Serenity and Harmony,

Of our Inseparable Uniqueness Binding us Together,

While wants and desires rampage

Like a torrential flood of hapless abundance,

Persistent contravention

Of those Sweet Soft immutable tones

Whispering Quietly

From All we already Comprehend,

Yet Dare Not to Perceive.






Beautiful Photography by: Photographer Brian Peterson


12 Comments to “Inseparable Uniqueness”

  1. How well this is put!

    • Happy you like it, Sandeep 🙂 I have a sneaking suspicion our conversations played a part in it’s creation.

      • Ha ha. Your thoughts are an amalgamation Morgan. You could be on a road and watch an old man to be wonder-struck with a thought, then come across a vendor and the conversation leaves you with a thought, then come to wordpress and have a conversation with me and take some thought and finally go to bed by seeing you cat or the stars and you are left with a thought. All these thoughts at different times under different circumstances could amalgamate to bring this one little mighty poem! And, you are kind to me. Thank you 🙂

      • You are probably correct, but I also do not mind being Kind 🙂

      • He he.. Then, I don’t mind being acknowledged as well! 🙂

  2. I love it, naturally! Thank you so much for yet more tantalizing imagery. You really rock!

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