Flying by the seat of my pants

by Poetry and Literature by Sofia Kioroglou


Life is like riding a bicycle

You don’t fall unless you stop pedalling

But what about freewheeling?

It is like allowing your life

to be controlled by destiny


The truth is that I have never learned

to ride a bike but only to freewheel

I love flying by the seat of my pants

I just love the unpredictable

I just want to see life like a walk in the park

*The poem was originally published in June’s Winamop issue


3 Comments to “Flying by the seat of my pants”

  1. I like this very much Sophia for it churns my thoughts rigorously. I could vividly imagine a cycle-ride while reading your poem and my regular cycling helps me too in framing that imagination. I have something to share from what developed within me while reading the poem. I hope you you are cool with it.

    I could freewheel on a plain
    If I have pedalled,
    So much I could freewheel
    As much I pedalled.
    Now I pedalled till that wonder slope,
    And, I go down, freewheeling downnnnnn..

    Freewheeling down the slope brings joy
    But, downward slope will somewhere join an upward slope.
    Freewheeling has reached a threshold now,
    Momentum can take me a only little further
    On the upside,
    Freewheeling on the upside, stops at a point
    Takes me backwards,
    Which is fun, as here is uncertainty,
    I am looking in the front,
    But, the bicycle is going backwards,
    I stay joyous, cause I love uncertainty,
    This is the father of all uncertainty,
    I balance this somehow or with ease,
    Then the freewheel reaches that old joint
    And up I go on the new upward slope, but, backwards,
    And I come down till the joint
    And take another new upward slope,
    Momentum falling all the time,
    And causing the bicycle to stop at the joint, eventually,
    Right at the center of the two slopes.
    No more freewheeling. No movement.
    All joy at a standstill, unless, the standstill itself is a joy for me.
    But, to move on now, I have to pedal,
    I am at a joint, where I have to decide the slope,
    This direction or that.
    Meanwhile, if I build a house by the joint
    And decide to be there forever,
    Then the joy of cycling is lost forever,
    That freewheeling is gone with it,
    So, I decide to take the strain,
    To pedal again,
    So that I freewheel again,
    And, I decide my destiny
    But, accept all uncertainty
    Along the way, but, sometimes
    I have to pedal and find joy,
    And, other times I can be at leisure,

    I am sorry, but I just felt I must put my thought across! You have helped me see all this and inspire myself. Thanks again.

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