RsOeCaK ~ Their love story

by Sandeep


Since time immemorial,
Rock sees Sea,
Silently, longingly,
Sea rocks Rock,
Violently, lovingly.

Countless embracements,
Each lasting just a tick,
Each separation
Painful as a prick.

During each little tryst,
As love-token,
Sea leaves behind
Part of herself,
Rock parts away
With flecks for his elf.

For time eternal,
These innumerable encounters,
Succeeding detachments,
Shall persist.

Till a day,
When in the moment,
Within it’s smallest fragment,
The last speck of Rock
Will walk away with Sea.

Their yearning since infinity,
Resultingly, leaves them for eternity,
Merged into one another,

6 Comments to “RsOeCaK ~ Their love story”

  1. Sandeep, your name is not live so no–one can get to your blog, also you blogs not in your Gravatar.

  2. OK, go to dashboard, users / personal settings and go down to account details, make sure your full URL is in website.

  3. Did you manage to do it.

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