Singing Majesty of Waking Day

by Morgan


Singing Majesty of Waking Day,

Bright clear Spectacle of Delicate Play,

Unstrung bow of Harmonious chords,

Enchanting Serenade, Winsomely Implored;

Birdsong Sweet upon the Rising Gaze

Of Daytides shifting lavender haze,

Enshrouded in Beguiling Laughter and Sighs,

As the Carol of Ages chirrups and cries;

Dulcet Symphony of Transcending Aplomb,

Waken this Dreaming with Melodious Balm,

And Shape each Breath which Graces this Breast,

With Tranquility and Unity by which All Life is Blessed!






Beautiful Music by Adrian von Ziegler


7 Comments to “Singing Majesty of Waking Day”

  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely . . . Splendid!

  2. Your poetry transported me to the place in that picture of the video, and, the music transcended me beyond the place! What can say more.. May be, Thank you..

    • I am so very Happy you enjoyed this Sandeep, particularly since you inspired it, in part, through the lovely imagery of Winter Call. And may I say I do truly Appreciate your Appreciation 😉

      • Yeyy! :). I am smiling. I mean look at this, I found pleasure through The Winter Call and then you read it and were inspired to write this and I read your poetry and listen to the music and I am at bliss again! I am doubly served. This is beyond maths and any calculation. A realization right there for me. Cheers Morgan..:).

      • And your Delight Delights me as well. It is a powerful thing, this Inspiration.

        very good as well that it does not involve math, I would be lost!

      • He he. These are mysterious happenings. But, I will take them as they come:).

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