As You Go Through Your Worst

by markfahmy

pexels-photo-54566 (1)

As you go through your worst of the worst,
I want you to know, someone has been through it and out before

someone has felt this pain of heart before,
someone has grown this hopeless before,
someone has thought he’d lost it all before,

Do not let the pain take you away in shame
Do not let it break you up in blame

The loving world is still the same
No matter how it seems,
there are ones who mention in their prayers your name.

There are ones who have you in their deepest areas of their heart
There are ones who remember you often, though you’re miles apart

The world is much more human, much more loving than how the media wants it to seem

Love has always mended the broken bonds,
Care has always healed the deepest wounds,
Smiles have always crushed the heaviness of the frown,
Laughs have always broken the stillness of the town.

Somewhere in our hearts, good still rules
And somewhere in our burning pain, hope still cools..


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