‘Lament for the Lost Esteem of Meter’

by Harry

Submitted by Nadd Wellgreen

What happened to the poet’s love of form?
What manner plague hath rendered meter beat?
Since when is whither-take-the-lines the norm
And solid verse-craft frowned on as effete?

Did Whitman do our tongue as good a turn
With random run-on lines and, oh–why rhyme?–
As Raleigh did the lungs with leafy burn
Picked up on hunt for gold in swampy clime?

The artist plays their paints within a frame;
The architect must balance force with force;
Without a human model, clothes look lame–
Does language-song require a different course?

Oh fellow weavers of the written word,
Let rhythm reign again–let song be heard.


2 Comments to “‘Lament for the Lost Esteem of Meter’”

  1. I enjoyed the rhythm, rhyme, and content of your poem. In my youth I danced and often lamented the “free-form” dancing of the 70’s. I loved the form of the two-step and waltz and salsa and felt I could express my style better through dances with set steps. This could go for my poetry writing as well I suppose. A delightful penning, Nadd.

  2. I shall try! 😦

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