Rainy Night

by Tiffany Layne

Rain crashing down,
The thunder pounds
My heart’s beating right out of my chest
Glimpses of lightening show
Two shadows tangled so close
I can feel the heat of your breath
I’m trembling inside
It’s gonna be one of those nights
You remind me how good this can be
That look in your eyes
I’m mesmerized
You kiss me so tenderly
The storm rages on,
Electricity gone
Just the glow of soft candlelight
Intoxicating tension
Feelings I can’t even mention
It’s a fire I’m never able to fight
I stay in your arms
And fall for your charms
And hope the sky continues to pour
I whisper rain, rain don’t go away,
I’m pleading, please stay
I just need a little bit more…

©2016 Tiffany Prestridge

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