Whispers of Eventide

by Morgan

Evening Falling


Lush woodland of uncertainty

Filling my Vision with Shadowy Players

Hesitation ripe as Sweetest summer berries

As I walk in trepidatious silence

Seeking the splash of Colour from Your Radiant Sun

Warmth of Light to Shimmer and Smile

Caressing my skin with Tenderness

So chilled from the dimness of shadows

That Your Lightest Touch

Sends great rivers of Sighs

Like Silken Dreams sailing upon the

Whispers of Eventide






Beautiful Photograph found on Pinterest.  Credit Gratefully Acknowledged to the Original Photographer.  Thank You.

4 Comments to “Whispers of Eventide”

  1. I can taste ‘The Soiree’ in this too. I am mesmerized by the feelings you weave through the lines that, as if, fuse into one another. So syncretic. I can taste nature’s expressions and human emotions within the few lines that you have written in both of your poems, The Soiree and this.

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