The Lion Sleeps Tonight

by William

Hear me roar so loud

Because I am so proud

I am the king

The king of the jungle


I am the leader of the pride

They are my family; I keep them alive

I hunt to keep them fed

Otherwise they would all be dead


I am the very best

No one can survive my bite

But lately I don’t feel the urge to fight

I just want to lie down and rest


I no longer roar like their king

It’s such a dreadful thing

I’m just so sleepy all the time

Just like a puppet in decline


What’s this; a challenge from an underling

This guy wants to be king

He is young and virile

Now that’s the thing


I lie defeated; no longer the best

No longer the king who rules the rest

I lie, bruised and bloodied, in the shade

Defeated, but not afraid



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