I Thought

by graypoet

credit: pxleyes.com

credit: pxleyes.com

I thought about memories of you last night
But it made my heart ache being alone
So I shifted thoughts to things I remembered
And I thought of times that made me smile.

I thought of the sun coming off your hair
But it made me want to gently touch you
So I remembered the scent and color
And I thought of it on my pillow.

I thought of the way you smiled at me
But it made my eyes start to tear up
So I remembered walking hand in hand
And I thought of strolls in a gentle rain.

I thought of you laughter when tickled
But it made me think of holding you close
So I counted the freckles that I remembered
And I thought of tan lines teasing my mind.

I thought of you breathing as you slept
But it made me want to wake with a kiss
So I remembered covering you with a sheet
And I thought of serving breakfast in bed.

I thought of all the times that we shared
But it made me wish we could make love
So I turned back the clock and just let go
And I thought how life leaves us wanting more.


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