Call Me Angel

by Tiffany Layne

I just want to hear you call me Angel
Say it one time the way you used to do
I know the years have come between us
But they didn’t erase my love for you

I don’t care why we ever said goodbye
Those tears have already been cried
No going back now, no way to make it right
Just call me your Angel tonight

Let me hear the words flow from your lips
Let me feel it the way I once did
Wrap your arms around me, hold me tight
Just whisper that I’m your Angel tonight

Tomorrow will bring reality creeping in
I’ll go back to the world I’ve been living in
It’s our last chance to make goodbye seem alright
Just let me be your Angel tonight.

©2011 Tiffany Prestridge

2 Comments to “Call Me Angel”

  1. I love your poem Tiffany…simply beautiful!

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