Be Still My Heart

by William

Just the smell of her

Delights my senses

As she walks through the door

All I see is beauty personified


Please be still my heart

Don’t beat too fast

Don’t ever let her know

That I love her so


As she leans over my desk

I am tempted to take her in my arms

And tell her how I feel

But alas, reality must rule the day


Directors’ meeting at half past ten

She is doing a short presentation then

I watch enchanted as she does her talk

I’m completely mesmerised when she begins to walk


She stumbles as she leaves the hall

I reach out to stop her fall

I hold her in my arms a little too long

Her lips meet mine; just in time


This glorious creature is now my wife

She makes every day the best day of my life

We still work together during the day

“Be still my heart” I keep having to say


4 Comments to “Be Still My Heart”

  1. Beautiful — Love explained…..

  2. Lovely , I was going to write one with the same title 🙂

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