Sour Grapes

by mkvecchitto


That I take umbrage

would be insufficient a description

of behavior that fuels fires

burning beneath my cauldron

red-hot with rage

How my blood boils

incited by accusations uttered

by those who only know

abuse of power while collecting

souls of the naïve

Speaking from both sides of

one mouth, they condemn freely

while encouraging deceit openly

Daring the concourse to slip and

disavow the immorality of the innocent

And so I bide my time

knowing the day has not come

Ah, but the secrets I hold

Have they forgotten?

Not all mice are blind

I will sit in my corner

nibbling on sour grapes

so sweet, so right

letting these fruits of justice ripen

until it’s time to uncork that bottle

photo: mine

prompt: The Daily Post – Disappointment

4 Comments to “Sour Grapes”

  1. Insightful as from an eagle watching from a high tree`top as the osprey steals fish; ominous as at the propitious moment the eagle lifts of to give the osprey a lesson in justice . . . Nice work!

  2. I have a feeling what flows out will be bitter indeed for those who planted the seeds of abuse and accusations.

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