Poem of the Day — Flick of the Eye

by paturnerlee

Flick of the Eye


Spread between sea and glue: blades a running

Through soft white meadows burnt in chilled winds sorrow.

Tomorrow a word, maybe remembered, for gritted teeth are crumbling.

Slice of a moon, sight for staggering lies.


Mean spirited glove helping lifters, smash a track record

Run like a nose in cold dismay.

Wind snivelling: troubling stout and stinking prison key holders

To hold the stake; driven in the skull.


Mulled wine whisky drifters, barking mad sisters, training bulldogs:

To snuffle out riches.

Contempt ridden stitches sown from recycled socks

Taking the knock for crushing bricks in buckets.


A shredder; a staple diet

Quiet response to a shattered dream; story held in brief

With the captain of the slip

Tricked into believing a stocking will keep him warm


Storm ridden island awash with cadavers

The balance is broken

The irregular heart beat rattles the chest

Rattles death


Silence is Golden


April 29th 2016

Patrick Turner-Lee Copyright 2016

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