Lost In The Jungle

by William

I look around at the trees

The jungle is overflowing

Long vines are stretching out

Desperately reaching for me


I can hear the roar of lions

I can see the tracks of antelope

This is going to be one hell of a day

Because I have lost my way


I can hear the sound of water

A stream must be flowing near

I can smell the scent of a lion

Now that’s a smell I fear


Where are you, my brothers?

I’m lost in the jungle

I want to disappear into the blue

Before that lion comes into view


The lion is standing on a hill

He sees me and breaks into a trot

I turn and start to flee when suddenly

My brothers appear out of nowhere

And together, they chase the lion away


We, hyenas, act just like brothers

We always watch each other’s back

“Hey, I could have taken him” I yelled

“Sure you could” they responded


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