Skies Folded

by Venkat


Skies I folded, into my heart
Yet clouds buzzed, as bees do
Till a love poured, of new tastes

The Sun I rolled, onto my mind
Yet shadows curled, as creepers do
Till a love bloomed, in new shades

Seas I sealed, in my silver cup
Yet winds peeped, as owls do
Till a love uplifted, on new waves

Mountains I chiseled, by my hands
Yet chills fell back, as dusts do
Till a love grooved, in new shapes



10 Comments to “Skies Folded”

  1. Van Gogh has always been one of my favorites, and this poem is a lovely pairing to the painting

  2. Ravi! Enjoyed reading this poem. You are really gifted.

  3. folding the skies – what a wonderful concept!

  4. Echoing GottaKnowWriteNow’s comment, Van Gogh has remained my favourite painter since Art College days nearly 40 years ago. Your words do complete justice my friend. Good one!

  5. Really enjoyed this poem, really well done.

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