Broken Story

by krishnowornever



This story is not about you.
Or the way you make me feel.
This is not about your deceptions
Or your feelings that were never real.

And This is really not about you
and your incredibly husky voice
and not even about the fact
that I was your second choice.

No, this is definitely not about you.
And the white shirt you always wear
or your bad boy tattoos
not even about your jet black hair.

No, This is absolutely not about you.
And the way you took my hand!
Or how you told me in my face
that you were just doing it for fun.

I swear this is not about you!
At least it wasn’t supposed to be
But now it’s all about you
and the way you broke me.

3 Comments to “Broken Story”

  1. Krisha, don’t forget to use the ” read more ” button please.

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