The Owl

by Venkat


The dark hollow
of the silent night
Blew into fires of fiery red
Glowing her tucked wings
In molten fear

Birds arrived from far and wide
Gave her candles right
The candles of reason
To find what went wrong
She touched every path
And every corner
Till the fire spread
Into her own eyes

To ogle distant icy planets
From her windows of fire

That must be the real world
Of peace

So waved back owls
Screaming in delight
With frozen hands
From logical views on ice

Thirsting for an ounce of heat
From this kind saintly owl
Calling from a sacred planet of fire


One Comment to “The Owl”

  1. This one is amazing. Especially for people who are an absolute aardvarks like me.

    Very nice Ravi.

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