Sisters Standing Before You

by 50djohnson

(Siblings Day) April 10, 2016



When on trips as children with our parents, we would laugh so much, and for so long, that they would separate us in the car. Most look at us and wonder,  are they twins?  Although she’s blonde and I’m very dark, when people meet us they always ask, are ya’ll sisters?  At church, if we sat beside each other, Mother would always pinch us because we would start laughing and couldn’t stop. Opposites in some things, we still understand our differences like no one else. Every meal growing up I fixed my plate to perfection and ate very slowly, nothing touching.  She pushed her food around on the plate and off the plate so that after every meal, there was a ring of food around her plate on the table. Although thousands of miles apart as adults, we both bought new den furniture without telling the other one. After sending pictures, what are the chances we’d picked out the exact same couches and the exact same material for the recliners.  Twins in spirit…It wasn’t until adulthood, that we  shared the insecurities of childhood. Sharing memories the way we remembered them. Losing our parents, proved to be the worst of our memories shared. Dealing with our own crosses to bear in life, brings our hearts closer than ever as we would bear the other’s burdens if we could. Neither can bear the thought of life without the other. Although, as the possibility gets closer, our hugs get longer and a little tighter.

Looking at each other through the eyes of love,

Knowing words to soothe my hurt , like the cooing of a dove.

Listening as music transports our souls, beyond where angels dwell,

Soothing over the wounds of life,  joy whispers,  pains quell.

Sharing the love of a recipe from the past,

Memories rushing to greet us, knowing they’ll always last.

Knowing you’re just a call away, your voice bringing calm,

Fear not standing a chance , in light of Faith’s soothing balm.

Loneliness not standing a chance as long as love stands by,

To wrap its arms of comfort ’round, says confusion’s just a lie.

Reminding of all that waits for us as we worship  one true God,

Love for each other multiplies as  heavenly hosts applaud.

For its in caring and lifting each other to God’s very throne.

We remember each day with confidence, we both are His very own!

Both  traveling through valleys of sorrow, grief and despair,

Knowing we have each other is a blessing of which we’re aware.

Thank you God for providing for times of pain and grief,

With the love of a sister who shares my beliefs.

Coming now in honor of You so boldly to the throne.

I’m asking , Lord, your comfort to fall so gently on her home.

Be present when she wakes each day, when she sleeps all through the night.

Protect her from heartaches, make  her fears take flight.

Resting on your promises, I place her at your feet.

Fill her with hope again, making her complete.

I know she’s struggling, Lord, with the unknowns of this life.

Into your arms of protection , never let her fall.

For her life’s a story that’s been told, as on your name she’s called.

Bless this season with your presence, ever upon our voiced praise

Sisters standing before you, our hands in awe are raised.

Blessings we receive knowing, love strengthens ties that bind

Sisters’ hearts  woven together in You,  withstanding throughout time.

Roni and Debbie






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