by Jem Croucher


Happy‘s so much better
than being glum I always find
Encouraging contentment
and a constant peace of mind
It’s so much easier to smile
and be jolly all the time
As a frown takes lots of effort
as it does to always whine

But if you seek encouragement
to find that happy place
I have some helpful pointers
to get a smile upon your face
Have a look around you
when you’re walking down the street
For there’s beauty to be found there
in ‘most everything you meet

The pattern of a shadow
as the sun shines on a wall
or the reflections in a puddle
when the rain decides to fall
A tiny wayside flower
with colour in the grey
Or a smile from someone passing
as they hurry on their way

All these things and plenty more
in subtle little ways
are sure to bring a smile
and make for happy days
It’s really not that difficult
and if you’re anything like me
You’ll feel a whole lot better
when you go through life happy

Photo – Jempics

Day 8 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 22.43.39

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