Just Fly – children’s dance song

by Colly




Just Fly


Fly, fly butterfly fly, away in the sky, away up high.

Swing, swing monkey swing.

From branch to branch, he moves his tail and swings.

Sing, sing child sing.  She sings along with the birds around.

Try, try, to tie your shoe.  Tie your shoe.  You won’t trip if you do.




Wise is the one who knows this rhyming song.

A rhyming song, a rhyming song, Come sing along.

A rhyming song, a rhyming song.  Come sing along.

One, two she tied her shoe.

Three, four she sang in the yard outdoors.

Five and six.  Count one, two, three, four, five, six butterflies or more


(Sorry, I had a video I’d done that would have been nice to add but somehow it’s not with my other photo’s from today!)


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