On Heroic Monuments – ABC Poem – April 3, 2016

by Georgia

seamen's monument_2

“After all is said and done
Bravery isn’t really
Dangling from a swing Jim said,
Even-toned and earnest.
“Fancy words and
Gorgeous monuments,
Hail the hero’s deeds,
It’s inevitable, even
Justifiable, to forget that they were men.
Knowledge of their frailties,
Lamentable bad habits and
Marred moral make-up may
Never be known at all –
Of course that changes nothing
Providing that we know that they’re
Quite like you or me.”
“Ridiculous!” young Edward shouted,
Seriously offended.
“That is a shabby thing to say my boy,
Ugly, I say and
Very shabby indeed, about those who’ve saved the day!”
“Why Eddy boy don’t get het up over some
Xeroxed copied heroes, hail rather those poor guys,
Yes those young bloods,
Zapped and nameless who fell by the tons.”

© G.s.k. ‘16


(Today being Sunday,  there is no A to Z Poem but I did want to stay in theme so I wrote an ABC Poem, which by the way was a challenge put up by our host Harry back in 2013!   Have a great day!)


8 Comments to “On Heroic Monuments – ABC Poem – April 3, 2016”

  1. I love your ABC poem, Georgia 🙂 mind if I reblog? cheers!

  2. Reblogged this on ladyleemanila and commented:
    a lovely ABC poem, thanks, Georgia 🙂

  3. Great poem. I signed up to the challenge yesterday and will be joining A-Z April from Monday. Challenging but really good fun.

  4. Should i re-run the ABC challenge ?

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