Showers of Blessings

by 50djohnson

May2015 133

For more years than I can remember, drought has cursed our land. In the last week, rains have soaked us to overflowing and is bringing life back to most things we thought dead. Blooming flowers have sprung open, grass is turning green, frogs are playing in the puddles, refreshing all that lives. It so reminded me of times in our lives when we try to flourish on our own, without the life-giving water of the Holy Spirit. Do you remember what it’s like to be so very thirsty and take a deep, long, cool drink of water and how refreshed you instantly became?imagesCAYEG2I310710805_764840343558315_6458238177606197858_n[1]

Showers of blessings denied in a parched and thirsty land,

Scorched from searing  sun, wind howling across the sand.

Oppressive heat settling ‘ore us, from heavens so high

Sun beating down relentlessly,  Sizzling  grounds  so desperately dry.

Plants struggling to reach for drops for a life-giving drink,

Half dead  roots of once lush trees searching, only to sadly shrink.

Crops meant to feed and clothe shrivel as they grow

Needing water to nourish them, finding none below.

Drought is a lonely and desperate time for all who struggle and thirst

We earnestly pray for years, dear Lord, for our land seems almost cursed.

As mercy drops round us begin to fall, Hope comes to every heart,

Oh, yes, we begin to Praise your name, as the curse seems to depart.

Sprinkles not only to tease us, Showers of Blessings begin to fall,

Raining,  raining coming  down,  constant sheets befall

All hope of sprouting new life, springs forth from the ground,

Torrential rains are falling, such a welcome and beautiful sound.

Wash us with your showers, Lord, as we carry on each day,

Refresh our spirits deep inside,  putting Your Joy on display.

Cleanse hearts to overflowing, Peace blooming  thanks,

Rivers of love  surging over once parched and lonely banks.

Evidence of Your Presence  shows in every life that thrives,

Blossoms scent  upon the breeze, blowing hope over lives.

Thank you for Showers of Blessings, Lord, now Abundant Life we know

For it’s in Your Reviving Spirit, that we truly begin to grow.



pictures by Debbie and Pinterest

Fragrant plumeria Think on these things!


2 Comments to “Showers of Blessings”

  1. Such an inspirational piece, very nice!!

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