Chronicles of a Battered Woman

by krishnowornever

There is an unexplained melody with the way he raises his voice

His screams, resounding thunder,
Profanity and Deafening Noise.

There is a certain warmth with the way he lays his hands

On my cheeks, On my body
Or wherever he can land his palms.

There is a poetic harmony between my aches and tears.

How after He’ll stay and comfort me
A pattern we’ve had for years.

There is an irrefutable fear in me of losing what I have

So I chose to numb the pain
I keep telling myself it’s Love

But when I found myself half-breathing  and bloodied on the floor

With Broken Bones and Bruises I found Clarity
I won’t allow this anymore.

This  one goes out to all the victims of abuse. 
Do not wait until it’s too late for you to get out of an abusive relationship.
I have never been in an abusive relationship, but I have heard the horror of it
and these words came in my head.

17 Comments to “Chronicles of a Battered Woman”

  1. A tough red. Beautifully written.

  2. Although I have not experienced this personally, I believe This is terrifyingly accurate. I do hope you do not write from experience either, but if you do, I commend you with all my Heart for finding the confidence and courage to stand up and walk away.

    • Hi Morgan. I also have not experienced this personally and I hope I won’t ever get to. But I have heard and read the horrors of it. For some reason, the idea and words came to me and I feel that I have to put it all in writing. Thanks for the feedback, Btw.

      • I am relieved to hear this, but your form and words alike are powerful and, hopefully, Inspiring. Thank You for following Inspiration’s Lead and writing what came to you!

  3. This is an incredible verse. Happy to hear that you are not writing from experience, but your words ring true for so many.

    • I appreciate the compliment really. My intentions in writing this is just to simply convey that abuse is not something we have put up with and that everyone has a choice to walkaway.

  4. I agree with all the comments, a very strong poem pointing out how abuse destroys glad its not from experience.

  5. Powerful write, all too real for many people … not only women, and a hard read. Abuse is such a terrible reality … thanks for sharing this with us.

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