Poem of the Day — Tidy Trinkets

by paturnerlee

Tidy Trinkets


Glinting with an eye, a flash of light

Otherwise hidden and dusty

Musty corner put away for a safe day

To say a story; remember the sunset yellow glory

With pink overtones

To ripple the heart

Measured in clear responses


Search again between cupboards and cups

Bangles and magazines

Books and words and windows

Until the light of a bird flies past

A twinkle in the water

Points you to the bowl

The glass thick and smooth

Built around a chip in the corner

Not sharp but ancient

Crushed against the wall in temper

Temperance forbidden

Lost soul sent to the city


Sort out the problems

With dealing difficulties

Emotionally unstable the minister implied

Lied as usual to cover his backside

Backslide into the bottle


A stain

Left undercover


Never forgotten

A rotten temperature swollen pain


Laid to rest


Copyright PTL March31st 2016

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