Goodbye Corralejo

by Dave

When your heart breaks
from both sides.
The leaving and the staying.
The Goodbye’ing and Hello’ing.
The coming and the going.

Leaving a hive of memories
that will be revisited in images
and recollection of sound,
night trucks rumbling
and a drunk stumbling
on the same road.

Palms blowing in a balmy wind,
check again, bus ticket, passport,
Fuck it I always forget something
but just roll on. Leaving and arriving.

Striving to inscribe a circle of light
around a world that is past caring.
I’m flaring over cold oceans
and frost laden skies.
Some more hellos
but more goodbyes
and wind tearing life
from bloodshoot eyes.

Another flight, another ride
on our journey to the other side
of life.
To live and die in one more hello
and a last goodbye.

-Dave Kavanagh

Leaving Corralejo in an hour. Wrote this while the others pack (I travel light) memories of other arrivals and departures. Home is always a good destination

© Dave Kavanagh 2016

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